waste burner manufacturer china

waste burner manufacturer china, Waste chamber
Chamber capability 300 kg
Chamber quantity.54 m3.
Chamber dimension (exterior) Dimension: 91cm, Altitude: 86cm Size: 152cm.
Door opening 66 x 76 centimeters.
Elevation to door 84 centimeters.
Height to top of stack 5.4 m.
Suggested piece size (L x W x Density) 1.8 m x 2.4 m x 10 centimeters.
Lost cost: Regarding 45 kg/hr.
2′′ ′ ′ -14 ″ “dia.( 36 centimeters), 14 range( 1.90 mm) aluminized steel, refractory lined.
8′′ ′ ′ -12″″ ″ ″” dia. (30.5 centimeters), 16 range (1.52 ″″″.
” Burners Diesel.
Procedure Guidebook timer.
Electric remedy Demand – – – – 115 volt, 60 HZ, 20 amp.
General Description:.
Main Chamber: Sturdy steel covering.
Premium refractory cellular lining and also insulation.
Huge complete dimension leading bunches door along with fluid retention sill.
1 x diesel oil ended ignition heating units ran on/off.
Ash elimination door.
Chimney: Long lasting stainless steel housing.
1.5 m size.
0.6 m refractory lined pile.
Control Board: Control of 1 heater.
Timer control 0-12 hrs.
Crucial fan timer control.
Temperature surveillance.
Automatic Control.
Cycle time established.
Ancillaries: Operating and maintenance manuals.
Spares list.
Ash Rake.
Containerization: 20 foot delivery container with incinerator fitted.
500 litre gas tank

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